How to Create Blog Templates for WordPress


Creating your own blog template using Artisteer. | Revenge of the Jpeg


A couple of years ago I was on the kick to create my own template for my first WordPress blog. If you are unfamiliar with blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger or any of the other CMS platforms they usually all come with a default template


How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template

There may be times when you want to create a blog page or that looks different than a normal page. Or Perhaps you want to use WordPress to run your entire website but want the main page of your domain to look completely different than a typical blog….


How To Create Custom Page Templates in WordPress – A step-by-step guide to customizing your WordPress blog to look like a web site with Custom Page Templates. The code snippets used in this video are available on my blog post – see the link above to get there.


How to Create a Custom WordPress Home Page Template – In this video I demonstrate how to create a wordpress page template and use a static html page as your wordpress home page. This is useful if you want to use a custom static html wordpress home page and display your blog posts on a …


Create WordPress templates with Artisteer Part One Step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own WordPress themes using Artisteer software.


Creating a WordPress Theme

What goes into Creating a WordPress Theme? After making a WordPress Blog you want to know how to create a WordPress Theme. You'll find out in this video tutorial. I'll also show you how to: Set up a Blank Theme Place a Search Form Where you Want Crea…


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